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While the number of volatile areas across the globe continues to multiply, while the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) increasingly becomes the terrorist's weapon of choice and while the knowledge and skills to manufacture these devices continues to spread, DRAKON has been created with the genuine desire to counter these emerging threats and make a difference.


Borne from this certitude, our company delivers explosive risk expertise and the related intelligence services required to protect your assets, your people and to enhance your decision-making capacity, all through our resilience.  Expert and experienced, we provide you with a tailored threat solution.


At Drakon, we believe that the key to success lies within our people. Our staff are selected for their ability to think and function in difficult environments and get the job done, in accordance with your specific requirements.


DRAKON: Our name is everything. We are committed to ensure the maintenance of your reputation by working at a standard to enhance our own.



We pave the way to enable others to follow


At Drakon we understand that in order to effect change we need to be sited at the point of greatest  impact. Our experienced staff have operated  in austere environments, conducting difficult and dangerous work  in areas of extreme hostility, across the globe.  We pride ourselves on the ability of our personnel to deploy wherever the need exists and guarantee the delivery of professional excellence.


DRAKON has been created from the founders' passion for this work and their shared beliefs: Intelligence, Integrity, Decisiveness, Professionalism.

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