Alex Atkins

Alex is one of the 4 co-founders of DRAKON.


Most recently he worked as an IEDD consultant for UNMAS in Mali, West Africa. Previously he served for 25 years in the British Army, initially as a soldier working within the field of mechanical engineering and latterly as a Commissioned Officer assigned to EOD operations.


From 2015 to 2016 Alex operated in Mali, West Africa for the UNMAS EOD/IEDD mentorship program. Initially as a team member and later as a Team Leader, he conducted numerous deployed operations in support of the MINUSMA mission, as well providing an advisory capacity for operational planning with senior force personnel, to ensure explosive threat mitigation and ultimately, mission success.

Prior to his departure from the military, Alex’s final assignment was that of Senior EOD Advisor to the Afghan MoI, enabling the Afghan National Police (ANP) to build and improve its EOD capability.

In addition, his role as an EOD Troop Commander saw the planning and provision of EOD support to the 2012 Olympics in support of, and in direct liaison with, the British Civil Police.

During his career as a soldier, highlights included the management of the Army’s 2nd line ECM repair facility in IRAQ in 2007 and the project management of a divisional communications ‘digitisation’ program in 2003.

He has served abroad in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.


 Anne Falchi

Anne is one of the 4 co-founders of DRAKON.


She  is currently located in Mali, working on the development of DRAKON's deployed consultancy capability in Bamako. Prior to this she worked as an Intel Analyst, employed within the DPSD, the Intel department of the French Ministry of Defence (MoD) charged with countering the threats of terrorism, subversion, spying and organized crime to protect  French Military Forces .


She served for 8 years in the French Army, as a Commissioned Officer.

From 2014 to 2016, Anne was assigned to a role as a section deputy within the French MoD’s intelligence service, intimately involved with threat assessment and analysis, as well as the planning and implementation of counter-terrorism operations.

Previous to her Intel work within the MoD, she deployed to Afghanistan which saw her assigned as the Deputy Commander of the Mobile Strike Force Program, where she was responsible for the development of the Afghan Army’s armour capability. Her responsibilities also saw her assume the appointment of PSD team leader, conducting numerous ‘beyond the wire’ operations in support of the NATO mission in Kabul.

Prior to her deployment she served as a Troop Commander within a French Cavalry Regiment: The first French female officer in history to successfully graduate and fulfil this role.

She has served abroad in Dijbouti and Afghanistan.