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About Us
Founded in 2016, DRAKON Group is one of the world's foremost providers of services related to explosive threat mitigation.

We provide training courses in collaboration with the Serbian Mine Action Centre, from a purpose built facility on the outskirts of Belgrade. These courses are fully IMAS compliant and cover the full range of training under the IMAS umbrella. Our courses are written entirely in-house by our instructing staff, incorporating IMAS principles along with personal experience and knowledge, in order to provide students with world class training. Our IMAS courses are available to students from any background, while we also offer bespoke training to fit the needs of corporate or military clients. 

In addition to working as a training provider, DRAKON Group also undertakes consultancy work, assists in the development of standards, and has the capacity to deploy operationally.

DRAKON Group has also succesfully developed a range of Hook and Line equipment for EOD operators, and a range of tactical medical equipment. These Hook and Line kits are currently being used operationally in Eastern Europe, while the medical equipment is being utilised in West Africa, Eastern Europe, and Central Europe.
 The Hook and Line kits have been developed in response to a need for lightweight and simple equipment which puts equipment into the hands of EOD operators at reasonable cost. The medical kits are the result of a needs analysis that studied multiple projects and created specifications designed to emulate government and military loadouts for a fraction of the cost. Bespoke kits can also be built in support of preexisting or upcoming projects. 

For more information on any of our areas of expertise, please send us an email using our contact page. 

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